Discipline. Research. Technology.

In an increasingly complex world where investors are inundated with data and news, meaningful conclusions can be difficult to reach. Behavioral biases can drive irrational action in financial markets. Because of this, we favor a model-based investment approach applying artificial intelligence and machine learning tools rather than discretionary-based investing. We believe that this approach produces a more consistent, repeatable process, superior risk controls and more effective implementation.

Disciplined and Consistent

Model Based Investing

We believe the application of disciplined research, academic theory and a proprietary machine learning process can attempt to identify market price anomalies to generate alpha.

Generate Long Term Value

We believe long-term results are predicated on the development of a repeatable investment approach powered by robust processes and fundamental research. We favor a long term approach utilizing customized hedging strategies.

Risk Mitigation

We believe the preservation of investor capital comes from the application of a disciplined, model-based, investment approach.

Three-Step Methodology

Della Parola’s investment approach employs a disciplined and consistent three-step methodology built on decades of research and experience. Through the application of this time-tested methodology, we strive to minimize overall downside risk in unfavorable market environments and conversely, increase returns during favorable market conditions by taking contrarian positions relative to the overall equity markets.

Rhithm.ai is our proprietary, predictive analytics risk mitigation tool that combines forecasting models in a machine learning framework to create a dynamic market risk model. The model was based on two papers authored by Dr. David Mascio, Dr. Frank Fabozzi and Dr. J. Kenton Zumwalt and published in the Journal of Forecasting.

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“Investors can at times react irrationally to market movements based on inputs from the media and their own preconceived notions of how markets should operate. Our investment approach takes the emotion out of investing by implementing model-based investment techniques to identify market pricing anomalies to generate alpha.”